What is Be Activated

Be Activated’s creator, Douglas Heel, recognized the optimal pattern of muscle activation sequencing, and how to return dysfunctional bodies to that pattern. That pattern is a 123 pattern as seen in the image below. Movement should be initiated in Zone 1, followed by Zones 2 and 3. We call this an Explosive Pattern.

We prioritize movement and breath for our survival. Due to years of poor posture that our modern lifestyles force us into (working at desks from aged 6 when we begin school, driving, relaxing in front of the TV), daily sustained stress and perhaps previous trauma and injury, that optimal pattern of 123 may adapt and compensate to form either a 223 or 333 pattern. These are both Implosive Patterns. Implosive patterns drive work from the extremities inward and result in muscle tension, fatigue, fascial adhesions, injury and improper breathing.

Be Activated assess your individual pattern and aims to correct you to a 123 pattern in as little as three sessions. We teach you the activations so that you can continue the process well after the sessions.

We Test, Correct (activate or release muscles and fascia in each zone) and Re-Test to show immediate, measurable results.


What to expect in a session

The BA session is done on a massage table. Each Zone is tested and corrected in turn. The testing may require the client to turn over on the bed or stand.

The session is performed fully clothed.

Areas of the body that are performing poorly are usually more sensitive to the activation technique and the first session may be painful at times (we work within your tolerance) and you may feel a little tender the following day. Subsequent sessions are not painful, despite the activation pressure being harder, as tissues have already improved.

Results are immediate and long lasting (as long as you do the homework)

muscle testing.jpg

Who is it for

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle demands so much time spent in a static posture, that it is difficult for anyone to avoid some muscle dysfunction and compensation patterns. I have found those who train regularly respond the best to the work. They have the strength potential already, but we unlock that potential by activating muscles that have less neural feedback, and by releasing those muscles and fascia that have had to compensate and are over worked.

It is not only our physical posture that can lead to an Implosive Pattern, chronic stress, anxiety and depression all have a detrimental effect on our body and can lead to poor breathing, disrupted sleep, poor recovery from activity and incorrect posture. All of these can lead to a 223, 333 or even a Zero muscle activation sequence.


Why it works so well with Stretch Therapy

Be Activated has added a new dynamic to my Stretch Therapy.

Here is an example: Most of my Stretch clients will note tightness in the hamstrings (don’t we all?). The BA test reveals that Zone 1 is not working optimally. If Zone 1 is not working, it may be the muscles of Zone 2 that have to compensate to ensure the survival priorities of movement and breath are still achieved.

Let’s consider Zone 1 to be the hip flexors and hip extenders, the Psoas and the Glutes. If the Glutes are not firing optimally, the Hamstrings and Lower Back are recruited to pick up the slack. By making them do the role of two Zones, they shorten and tighten to compensate.

Once we activate the Psoas and Glutes and correct the breathing patterns, we often see marked improvement in Hamstring flexibility without having to touch the Hamstring.

Once someone is activated and are in a 123 pattern, I can more easily stretch the muscles I have released.